About Us

We are a small, but motivated, team of 4 Engineers with University 5-year MSc. degrees in the field of Electronics, Telecommunications and Computer Science, with extremely high mutual working and symbiosis capabilities. It continues the inventive force of the founder of KulzerTEC (1985), Dipl. Ing. Franz Kulzer, on a daily basis. Its main strength lies in our ability to still find critical/innovative/patentable solutions for clients with seemingly unresolvable problems. Extremely high creativity, work capacity, resilience, lean software and hardware development round up its profile. Everything that has to do with micro-controllers, analog/digital circuitry and embedded software in demanding areas, has been our professional milieu for almost 20 years. The team sees itself as having great learning capability and willingness. We are also extremely adaptive to new/unexpected situations, highly expansive, flexible, enthusiastic and uncomplicated during personal contacts. 


This company was originally founded in 1985 in Aveiro, Portugal, by legendary Eng. Franz “The Magician” Kulzer, the German Mechanics Engineer from Bavaria, that made any 2-stroke motorcycle engine run like hell. He made his motorcross drivers win against all odds and against larger companies. He made a world-record breaking motorcycle engine. He was “The Magician” among engine constructors. Nowadays he dedicates his time to gardening.

After retiring, his company was later taken over by his son, Eng. Pedro Kulzer. Specialized in electronics and software consulting and customized electronics and software development, it has been involved in technologically advanced fields since its start. Eng. Franz Kulzer is a Mechanics Engineer and was a motorcycle racing specialist at Sachs, Casal, Zündapp and DIAG in the 70s and 80s. His self-engineered motorcycle engines, 7-gear gearboxes and chassis won many races and even established world speed records. In the motorcycle racing scene Eng. Franz Kulzer was called “The Magician”, for getting performance out of his engines and his drivers, no other ever could! After spending the 90s organizing and managing technical production sections of companies like Mafirol, Abril, TEKA and such, he is now retired and dedicated to his house and garden near Aveiro. From 2005 on, this company has been conducted by Eng. Pedro Kulzer and has been involved in creating software and hardware for most demanding scenes of activity. Having inherited the natural “knack” for innovative engineering instead of just following textbooks, KulzerTEC continues marking the difference.

Two major projects started emerging from this company at the end of 2006, driven by the urge of doing new and highly innovative work in the automotive electronics area. The biggest project was the “ECU2010” project (previously called “Revolutionary Motorsports”) in consortium with Bosch Motorsport and the University of Aveiro. These projects called for additions to the company’s personell, with 6 fresh-made Engineers directly from this same university. Together, these 6 Engineers, together with Pedro Kulzer as the head of the project, created some highly innovative pieces of software and hardware that largely surpassed some state-of-the-art technology in general, by literally reinventing the manner in how programming automotive ECUs was done. This project made its technological developments and progress directly inside the campus of the University of Aveiro, in the Departamento de Electrónica, Telecomunicações e Informática – Sala 234 – Campus Universitário de Santiago – Aveiro – Portugal. This allowed us to keep contact with the latest technology advances. This project progressed and finished late 2009 with full success.The final show-down was made at Bosch Motorsport’s facilities in Germany. The most prominent technological feature that emerged from this long but rewarding period of highly innovative work was the Live-Prototyping programming possibility of being able to program a 100% fully running system (including running engine) by modifying or adding anything anywhere in the system without ever disrupting it. Pedro Kulzer finished his PhD 100% based on the work done in this project during the active 3 years, having started it back in 2009 and finished in 2015.

The “Automotive TESTER AT1” automotive testing gadget is a project that started back in 2005 as a simple idea, having developed into a full-fledged portable testing equipment for automotive developers. This project finished at the beginning of 2009 but is still undergoing minor enhancements. The resulting product was 100% developed, constructed and programmed by Pedro Kulzer and is now being actively produced and marketed by SMART Electronic Development GmbH under a mutual licensing agreement since mid-2010. The main market for this gadget is oriented towards car mechanic shops, ECU repair shops, laboratory tables, tuners and, last but not least, the main market share of Automotive Motorsport.

Having reached a good state of maturity created over those above mentioned years, those Engineers were released into the professional market and are doing very well. All except for Filipe Teixeira and Paulo Martins who returned in 2011 to embrace new technical challenges together with Pedro Kulzer. Later, in 2016, Nelson Bernardino also returned to the team. We can praise ourselves for being highly inventive, innovative and experts in developing new and highly customized electronic circuitry and firmware/software. We can also help you expand your own innovative ideas by adding a new twist to them. We like working in fields where the need of Integrating Intelligent Simplicity is a fundamental issue. By this we mean non-standard ideas and creativity, alongside with a non-standard way of doing things, which lead to revolutionary technology that is not available elsewhere else in the world (e.g. Live-Prototyping as mentioned earlier).

Our main strength lies in the inventive ability to find innovative/patentable solutions for problems where no solution can be found anywhere, up to now. Extremely high creativity, work capacity, resilience, lean software development and lean hardware development round up out profile. Just give us a try and see for yourself. We are uncomplicated in dealing with all these engineering matters and absolutely love to keep up with any task or challenge in the above mentioned areas and strengths. Combined hardware and software development, hardware being controlled by embedded software, critical optimization and lowest-level inspections are in our blood, with virtually nothing that would not interest us very much to say the least. There are few in the field with the ability of digging into the most deeply hidden layers of micro-controller hardware and software, analog and digital electronics, as well as combinations of those, to find the most sought details in critical problem elimination. In fact, that is our main specialty, closely followed by firmware development itself. We are eager to learn new chips, new sub-skills and generally to dive into new hardware/software realities to further solve customer problems and/or create new products. We are a “ALL-IN-ONE” (“FULL-STACK” like) services/consulting/development company, in that we are able to navigate from the lowest hardware, passing through firmware, ranging up to the desktop software levels, therefore connecting all the dots for embedded products, even down to production. So, if you need embedded software plus the corresponding hardware and the corresponding desktop test-software, even organizing/managing tools in Microsoft Office with full VBA enhancements, you are at the right place!

Pedro Kulzer

CEO / Engineer

PhD Degree in Electronics / Telecomunications / Computer Science

Spoken/written languages: Portuguese (mother tongue), German (father tongue), English (Proficiency Level), Spanish, some French

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Born in 11.12.1970 in Portugal

Married and father of 2 boys

Both Portuguese/German nationalities

Attracted by the early passion of electronics at age 7 and programming afterwards, started off by developing his own gadgets and by repairing electronic and mechanical house equipment for the family and friends. Also attracted to the software world by harnessing the great Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K’s programming capabilities at both BASIC and Assembly levels in the 1980s. Switched to OOP-programming with the also great Turbo Pascal 5.5.

Swimming is another passion, having been a competition swimmer from 1979 to 1999, while now participating at the “Masters” competitions since then. Also been a competition swimming coach for some years, having developed the “GBK-PACER” (predecessor of the newer “PACER2SWIM”) as an aid to swimmers, at that exact same time. Ahead of its time and still very expensive, the “GBK-PACER” sold several times to Universities.

Music was also unavoidable, having taken piano and classical guitar lessons for some years, followed by electric guitar. Switched to the electric bass to found and fill-in into several amateur Rock’n Roll bands at different times, playing for friends, in bars/restaurants, in weddings and in University venues. Playing in crowded bars/pubs, small theatres up to 300 people and open-air concerts is nothing new.

A combustion engine RC planes’ affectionate, constructed several gliding and motored models, flying them proficiently and modifying the electronic components to make automatic flight stabilizers with primitive materials and such.

Having studied “Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering” at the University of Aveiro (complete 5-year MSc degree), took an extra 2-year “Masters”-Degree in the same subject at the University of Florida right thereafter. Became the best-graded student with three thereby received awards for best student at the University of Aveiro, city-wide and even national-wide in 1994. The academic expertise gathered at the University of Aveiro was mostly directed toward analog and digital electronics, software and firmware development, and also digital signal processing within neural networks (diploma-thesis on the subject of automatic character recognition with neural networks – direct PDF) applied to autonomous robotics. The Master’s thesis (direct PDF) was based on the later technical aspect of autonomous robotics. Published several scientific papers both at the University of Aveiro and international scientific magazines.

Started a PhD entitled “Novel hardware and software combination for automotive motorsport vehicles based on direct processing of graphical functions” hosted by the University of Aveiro (2006-2015). This PhD is based on the “ECU2010” project and was entitled: “Novel hardware and software combination for automotive motorsport vehicles based on direct processing of graphical functions”. Public thesis defense took place on the 27.02.2015 @15h00.

Part-time multi-language and multi-direction German/Portuguese/English translator of technical documents (since 1989). Co-founder of GBK-Electronics (1996-2003) company, where the older swimming coaching system “GBK-PACER” has been developed. Work for Bosch Motorsport (2001-2012) as an automotive ECU and tool software specialist for Stuttgart’s facilities, thereby re-learning the passion for motorsports as inherited by his father. CEO and owner at KulzerTEC (inherited from his father since 2005) and chief-engineer of development, innovation and planning.

Paulo Martins


5 year MSc. Degree in Electronics / Telecomunications / Computer Science

Spoken/written languages include Portuguese and English

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Born in 27.12.1981 in Portugal

Married and father of 2 boys and a girl

Portuguese nationality

Since his early days, the knack to see “how stuff works” was deeply embedded in his character, as the survivability of his toys (but not limited to) could be accounted in a few weeks – the time to get a screwdriver at hand.

This early symptom persisted and shaped the academic path that included a technical college with Electro-technical and electronic professional accreditation. Afterwards, he took the challenge at Aveiro University to complete a 5 year Licentiate degree (ISCED 5 level) at Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. The final “stretch” of this degree was crowned with the contribution to ICARO’s team absolute record in terms of fuel consumption, achieving 637 km/L autonomy at Abrantes Eco-Marathon 2005. This was further developed by a M.Sc. degree at the same institution with a major in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering with a Master’s thesis entitled “Communications and mass storage in scalable embedded systems”.

His professional life had a kick-start early after finishing the complete 5-year MSc degree in 2005 at the University of Aveiro, when he became a Current Product Engineer at Delphi-Grundig (Braga), where he could develop testing and debugging capabilities tightly coupled to the hardware. Soon after that, the opportunity to take a part in the ECU2010 project with the subject that yielded his Master’s thesis, where a set of high performance, low footprint IP-cores were developed, enabling embedded applications with MMC+, USB2.0 and wireless (ISM band) capabilities, alongside with extensive device driver integration work under .NET environments and modular graphical user interfaces development. I wrote my final diploma thesis based on this project (link, direct PDF).

After the project was finished, he undertook firmware testing and development at PT Inovação mobile back-haul equipments for ATM/IP-MLPPP/Carrier Ethernet networks; most of them using Linux based embedded systems targeted GSM optimization CDMA/G.711 compression and GSM/CDMA/UMTS network aggregation.

As hobbies, he is affectionate of quadcopters (i.e. X-UFO and such) development, lighting solutions and personal computer assembly and tuning. Most recently, some work is being developed in renewable energy solutions and home energy efficiency optimization.

Recently, Paulo has been awarded the “Best in Class DC/DC converter tester” certificate from Texas Instruments for his excellent job there as Senior Validation Master of their DC/DC converter chips.

Nelson Bernardino


5 year MSc. Degree in Electronics / Telecomunications / Computer Science

Spoken/written languages: Portuguese (mother tongue), English (Proficiency Level) 

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Born in 22.12.1982 in Portugal

Married and father of two girls

Portuguese nationality

Completed a 5 year Licentiate degree (ISCED 5 level) in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering at University of Aveiro in 2006.

The first full time job at the end of the degree was the Project “ECU2010”, in which the main task was to develop the graphical editor in C#.NET, used to manage the hardware components and all other software components of the project. At the end of the project obtained a Masters-Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications in the same University as part of the work in the project “ECU2010”.

From October 2009 to March 2016, worked in PT Inovação in Aveiro as a Telecomunications Consultant through Withus. Here he has worked in the Project “Network Activator”, planning and customizing the mediation and activation of services in the Client Access Networks (GPON, ADSL, Home Networking, POTS) and Core Networks (MPLS, RADIUS).

Joined KulzerTec in April of 2016.

Hobbies include Self Defense (in which Nelson has a 3rd Degree Black Belt and guides his own self defense class), reading, cinema and photography.