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KulzerTEC is a long-standing Engineering Consulting Company of experts with a young and dynamic spirit. Since 1985 in the industrial production organization scene, we have now acquired know-how and specialized in the technical consulting, design, development and testing of projects since 2001 in these main areas:


  •  Automotive/Motorsport/Industrial: embedded software, engine/chassis management and functionality development.
  •  Analog/Digital/Embedded Electronic Circuits: discrete and integrated, with or without micro-controller control.
  •  Firmware for Micro-Controllers: embedded software, driver-level low-power real-time/RTOS micro-controller firmware
  •  Firmware for FPGAs: embedded VHDL and soft-cores running inside FPGAs connected to external circuitry
  •  Software/Windows User Applications: software applications, test tools and GUIs for usage for all of the above
  •  Chip/Hardware Characterization: analysis and datasheet production for new chips and hardware constructs


Our main strengths in the above areas, as well as in the components we harnessed over the years, are very specialized details of those components, which gain uttermost importance at the most critical moments of development and production:


  •  Firmware Optimization: code speed/size optimization for critical micro-controller applications.
  •  Hardware-Near Software Development: harnessing embedded micro-controllers with analog-digital electronics.
  •  Time-Critical Software Details: software mechanisms needing to comply to absolutely strict time constraints.
  •  Complex Bug-Searching: debugging of the most diverse errors on analog, digital and micro-controller levels.
  •  Real-time Firmware Development: harnessing time-critical embedded systems and their real-time needs.
  •  Software Porting: source-code transfer/adaptation from one micro-controller to a different one.
  •  Hardware Porting: analog/digital electronics transfer from one application to a different one.
  •  Communications: different communications protocols, circuits and corresponding firmware
  •  Video Processing: different video formats and image processing
  •  DC/DC converters: different topologies/chips and custom solutions
  •  Code Embellishment: re-organization, commenting and general visual enhancement of existing source-code.
  •  Machine-Level Programming: lowest-level Assembly development/debugging and CPU-internals inspection.
  •  New Micro-Controllers & Chips: characterization, verification and validation of new CPUs/Chips and their peripherals.
  •  New Ideas and Needs: evaluation of new ideas, their feasibility and the correspondingly possible solutions.
  •  Extreme uC Limit-Programming: converting the very last potential/detail of a micro-controller into real performance.
  •  Innovative/Revolutionary Solutions: development of completely new/patentable solutions to new problems.



Our main strength lies in the inventive ability to find innovative/patentable solutions for problems where no solution can be found anywhere, up to now. Extremely high creativity, work capacity, resilience, lean software development and lean hardware development round up out profile. Just give us a try and see for yourself. We are uncomplicated in dealing with all these engineering matters and absolutely love to keep up with any task or challenge in the above mentioned areas and strengths. Combined hardware and software development, hardware being controlled by embedded software, critical optimization and lowest-level inspections are in our blood, with virtually nothing that would not interest us very much to say the least. There are few in the field with the ability of digging into the most deeply hidden layers of micro-controller hardware and software, analog and digital electronics, as well as combinations of those, to find the most sought details in critical problem elimination. In fact, that is our main specialty, closely followed by firmware development itself. We are eager to learn new chips, new sub-skills and generally to dive into new hardware/software realities to further solve customer problems and/or create new products. We are a “ALL-IN-ONE” (“FULL-STACK” like) services/consulting/development company, in that we are able to navigate from the lowest hardware, passing through firmware, ranging up to the desktop software levels, therefore connecting all the dots for embedded products, even down to production. So, if you need embedded software plus the corresponding hardware and the corresponding desktop test-software, even organizing/managing tools in Microsoft Office with full VBA enhancements, you are at the right place!

We also provide general consulting and development in other areas. Please see our services page or contact us for details.

Presentation letter in both English and German.
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