Pacer 2 SWIM

“Pacer2Swim” is an electronic device helping professional & amateur swimmers improve their swimming workouts by providing an effective way for maintaining correct swimming paces.


The Pacer2Swim is based on its forerunner “GBK-Pacer” built back in 1993 and continuously used since 1996 by Universities and Institutes throughout 2010, when the new PACER2SWIM appeared. To get a glimpse of all the history about this early patentable and highly advanced technology that appeared long before most others, click here. These advanced features were all kept in this new PACER2SWIM as well.

In a clear perspective of INNOVATION, this Pacer2Swim constitutes an equipment of cadence work “par excellence”, offering a varied range of functionality that allows any trainer to accomplish workouts and tests in an extremely effective and innovative way.

Thanks to the highly intuitive and direct menus/dialogs, this equipment’s learning curve is very steep and you may use it right out of the box! For some types of tests such as VO2max tests, the use of this equipment turns out to be even unavoidable.

Pacer Console


Live Feedback of current light

Start Speaker with Lane Roller

easy deployment

25 meters and 50 meters variants


easy storage & transport


Altium | C | IAR | MSP430


Pedro Kulzer

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