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We are a very small but very motivated team of 3 experts, with an extremely high mutual working and symbiosis capability. Our main strength lies in our inventiveness to be able to find innovative/patentable solutions and concepts for problems where no solution seems to be found anywhere. Thinking about the ideal solutions to you problem is our best strength. Extremely high creativity, work capacity, resilience, agile software development and lean hardware development round up our profile. Just give us a try and see for yourself. We are uncomplicated in dealing with engineering matters and absolutely love to keep up with any task or challenge in the below mentioned areas and strengths. We provide an interesting range of highly specialized freelancer engineering services and competences with hands-on mentality around electronics hardware and software. These services are not limited to development, also ranging to project design, implementation and testing of projects. We are available for any consulting tasks, outsourcing needs and even employee swapping, be it short- or medium-term, regarding any of the technological fields in these pages. You may even combine any services you’d like, to produce something that merges more than one of those fields. Just tell us about what it is that you exactly need to accomplish or get done and we will provide you with a cost-effective and prototyped solution. In addition to this, we also offer ultra-short-term consulting advice on a hourly basis, either per telephone, email or Skype/MSN. Just ask us directly and we will try to answer ASAP. We accept the worldwide known and ordinary bank transfers as easy payment methods. Furthermore, we are fully used to working with highly confidential software, hardware as well as documentation, as well as to using standard security meaures (Email/ZIP/Disc-Encryption/PGP) to protect it. Presentation letter in both English and German.



  • Full expertise in ECU Engine related FDEFs design and programming (crankspeed-acquisiton, mixture formation, injection, ignition including non-symmetrical segments, knocking-control/adaptation, lambda-control/adaptation, enginespeed-limiter, fluids and air pressure/temperature, etc.)
  • Full expertise in ECU Chassis related FDEFs design and programming (datalogging, laptrigger, breaks, gear-box control, wheelspeed-limiter, driver display, XYZ acceleration measurements, traction-control, launch-control, pitspeed-limiter, etc.)
  • Full expertise in ECU Operating-system and driver programming (time-rasters, PWM outputs, analog/digital in/outs, power outputs, lambda measurement, knock measurement, configurable output driver-chips, EEPROM long-term storage, Nachlauf, etc.)
  • Full expertise in Lambda-sensors for oxygen-content acquisition and generation. Design, development and consulting for Bosch’s Lambda-sensors LSM11, LSU4.2, LSU4.9 and LSU-ADV. Measurement and simulation hardware and software combinations, including calibration and heating details, as well as Bosch’s CJ110, CJ120 and CJ125 integrated circuits.
  • Testing equipment design and development to verify/debug automotive ECUs and their sensors and actuators, as well as to verify other testing equipment. Design of measurement and simulation hardware/software for all possible engine and chassis signals such as engine/wheel/turbo-speed, lambda-sensors, temperature-sensors, pressure-sensors, inductive/hall-sensors, X-Y-Z acceleration sensors, position sensors and knock-sensors.
  • Development of motronic functions in ETAS ASCET-SD and Matworks Matlab Simulink.
  • Embedded software, engine and chassis function development, project, development, implementation, testing, calibration, maintenance and consulting for automotive ECUs, both in the hardware and software sides. Consulting in almost all details of the analog and digital electronics, as well as in almost all details of the software motronic functionalities and mechanisms.
  • Complex timing/driving firmware design and development for injection, ignition and knocking mechanisms of the ECUs.
  • Development, debugging and consulting for communications links and their protocols, such as SERCOS3, KWP2000 (K-Line), CAN, CCP and CANopen (CAN-Communications-Protocols), SPI, I2C, RS485, RS232/UART, LIN, USB1.1/2.0 and Ethernet.
  • Full competence in the Bosch SC900 (Freescale MC33816) high-pressure high-voltage injection chip, including the MSV/QCV and DCDC-converter. Full competence regarding external CPU drivers, as well as profound knowledge of its internal µCode/Assembler, internal Registers and internal memory structure. Profound knowledge in all electrical and functional diagnosis details as well.
  • Development of special boot-loader, boot-uploader and general flashing/programming utilities for automotive ECUs
  • General consulting for Bosch ECUs (Engine Control Units) such as MS3.1, MS3 Sport, MS4.0, MS4.3, MS4.4, MS4 Sport.
  • General software development and verification according to MISRA-C/2004, safety norms IEC60335/IEC60730 for household and comparable test equipment, safety norm IEC61508 for industry applications, as well as the automotive-specific ISO26262.
  • General ETAS LabCar (Vehicle Drive Simulator) know-How
  • Always constantly learning and willing to learn additionally exciting things in this area…



  • Discrete and integrated analog/digital electronic circuit and system design, development and implementation. We are able of managing almost any type of circuit and component, ranging through CMOS, HCMOS, TTL, BiCMOS, Bipolar, MOSFET, RF (433MHz, 866MHz and 2.4GHz ISM bands), audio, OpAmps, supplies, LCD displays, FLASH memory, EEPROM memory, RAM memory, FTDI USB chips, Cypress USB chips, digital potis, ADCs, DACs, MUXs, DEMUXs, motor drivers, H-bridges, servo-motors, galvanic optical/magnetic isolations, GPS chips with NMEA protocol, Bluetooth modules, acceleration sensors, etc., with or without embedded micro-controller linking and firmware support for more complex applications.
  • Designs with DDR2 and DDR3 RAM, as well as gigabit Ethernet PHY circuitry for high-speed and high-demand solutions.
  • Ultra-low-power analog/digital electronic circuit and system design, development and implementation, with or without embedded micro-controller linking and firmware support for more complex applications.
  • Discrete and integrated power analog/digital design, development and implementation, with or without embedded
    micro-controller linking and firmware support for more complex applications.
  • General theoretical and practical circuit characterization/measurement knowledge within Bode-plot analysers and spectrum-analysers.
  • General FLASH-loader and boot-loader memory downloading methods for CPU/uC/ECU programing
  • General consulting on analog and digital circuits and systems, aimed at finding problems and solutions to problems.
  • General and custom DC/DC converter circuitry with different chips and topologies
  • Always constantly learning and willing to learn additionally exciting things in this area…



  • Firmware design, development, implementation, optimization (speed/size) and testing for many micro-controllers such as ARM family, Infineon XMC4000/4500 family, Infineon C167CR/C167CS, Microchip PIC16/PIC18 Series, Motorola/Freescale MC68000/MC6805/MC68HC05/MC68HC08/MC68HC11/MC68HC12 series, ST-Microelectronics ST10 Series, Texas Instruments MSP430 Series, Texas Instruments C2000 Series (including its integrated CLA – Control Law Accelerator), Zilog Z80, Rohm OKI Series, Intel 8081/8051 and the FPGA soft-cores ARC from Synopsis and PicoBlaze/MicroBlaze from Xilinx, NIOS from Altera, as well as the Texas Instruments TMS320 DSP. Used development environments such as WindRiver VxWorks, Tasking for C167 family, IAR Embedded Workbench, Imagecraft ICC, COSMIC IDE, OKI IDE and Microchip MPlab, equally for “C” and Assembly levels, with advanced debugging and simulation capabilities (except for COSMIC).
  • Development/optimization in embedded O.S. (LINUX, VxWorks, FreeRTOS) drivers and other related software components.
  • Specialists in the advanced development of driver-level low-power real-time/time-critical micro-controller firmware/embedded-software for almost any kind of micro-controller, programmed both in Assembly and in “C”.
  • Reconfigurable embedded systems mostly using VHDL and XILINX/ALTERA FPGAs (Cyclone, Spartan, ZYNQ, etc.) and design/development of complete solutions. SystemC for the integration of various functional blocks.
  • Development for SD/MMC/SDHC/eMMC memory cards for both embedded firmware and reconfigurable systems.
  • Development for USB 1.x and USB 2.0 communications for both embedded firmware and reconfigurable systems.
  • Development for JTAG boundary-scan interfaces for both embedded firmware and reconfigurable systems.
  • General consulting, design and development for the following communications links/protocols: KWP2000 (K-Line), CAN, CCP and CANopen (CAN-Communications-Protocols), SPI, I2C, Ethernet, RS485, RS232/UART, USB and GSM modems via AT commands, SCPI laboratory instruments automation protocol.
  • Development of special boot-loader, boot-uploader and general flashing/programming utilities for virtually any micro-controller
  • Development of UI – User-Interfaces for “touch-enabled devices” such as the PICASO graphical processors from 4D-Systems.
  • Development of UI – User-Interfaces with small alphanummeric displays
  • General consulting, problem-solving and setup/configuration efforts concerning commercial and custom tool-chains, autocode-generators, pre-processors, compilers, assemblers, linkers, locators, make-files, map-files, listing-files, etc.
  • General consulting, design improvement, source embellishment, source clean-up, reorganization, codereview, static codeanalysis, debugging, software integration, solution finding, test, porting, readability enhancement, understanding degree enhancement and re-development of any embedded micro-controller in any programming language, be it low-level problems such as with interrupts, pipelines, registers, compiler errors, etc., be it with higher-level problems such as algorithms, drivers, etc., be it a new, an ongoing or a legacy project, be it for microwave-ovens, dish/laundry washing-machines, automates, industrial systems, printers, fax-machines, oscilloscopes, power-supplies, flash-lights, monitors, displays, cordless telephones, etc.
  • General consulting regarding micro-controller architecture understanding, analyzing and even debugging corresponding low-level firmware code
  • Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost power supply chip characterization, testing, datasheet elaboration and bugs/faults/problems pinpointing at chip and design layout level.
  • New ASICs/chips testing at analog, digital and functional levels, including test-software/scripts for Windows for comfortable automated low/high-level testing.
  • New ASICs/chips electrical testing, verification/validation down to transistor level, characterization, measurement and datasheet specifications
  • New ASICs/chips firmware and software functional programming, testing, debugging based on previous micro-controller prototypes
  • General know-how about CRC check and AES encryption algorithms and their implementation in Software and Hardware.
  • General harnessing, firmware development and consulting over new chips and their internal peripherals/functionality.
  • Always constantly learning and willing to learn additionally exciting things in this area…



  • Development of complete GUIs, user-interfaces, functionalities and scripts on Mathworks Matlab and Matlab Simulink with full expertise and customization ability on: blocks, operations, libraries, M-files/scripts, simulation, code-generation, MEX32-files, S-Functions, TLC-files, etc.
  • General Microsoft Windows programming within the .NET Framework (Windows Forms or WPF/Windows Presentation Foundation) with Microsoft Visual Studio for Visual Basic and C#/C++, Turbo Pascal for DOS/Windows with OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) and Borland Delphi for DOS/Windows.
  • Development of server-side applications (C# within Windows Server 2008).
  • Development of SANKEY Windows-Controls for Visual Studio and MPF (view/download a DEMO here: Sankey Demo!)
  • General scripting languages such as Windows DOS batch-files, Windows PowerShell, Linux Bash, Python, Perl, and TCL for housekeeping and tool-chain tasks.
  • General VBA (Visual-Basic for Applications) design and development for Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications, including file management, graphical items and fully automatized procedures called with the click of a button.
  • General consulting, design and development in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint at user-level.
  • Usage of PVCS, MKS and GIT source-control systems for versioning of software modules, including changes/revision management and bugs/developments tracking know-how. General application/usage of SVN tools.
  • XML file development, maintenance, analysis and expansion.
  • General development of custom JAVA application for PC using Netbeans IDE.
  • Communications between micro-controllers and PC JAVA applications.
  • Always constantly learning and willing to learn additionally exciting things in this area…



  • PCB design (OrCAD, Altium/PROTEL), development, prototyping, cost/production-optimization and soldering down to SMT, including hard-flex designs.
  • Technical documentation and user-manual elaboration for existing systems.
  • Technical documentation translation from/to any of these languages: Portuguese, German, English.
  • Laboratory equipment: various high-end and medium-range Tektronix oscilloscopes, various standard and µ-wave OKI soldering and unsoldering equipment for electronic components down to SOIC and TSSOP scale,various  function generators, arbitary waveform generators and frequency counters, Bode100 Bode-plotter and spectrum analyser, linear and switched power supplies, digital multimeters, know-how on logic-analysers.
  • CAN analysis/generation tools expertise (VECTOR CANalyser/CANoe, PEAK PCAN).
  • ECU Software and Hardware verification/validation (including usage of SiL and HiL facilities in the lab).
  • OBD On-Board Diagnostics communications software modules.
  • Keyboard fabrication based on thin-PCB, with tactile buttons, LEDs and vinyl/laminate overlay.
  • General knowledge of IBM Rational DOORS and similar tools for project requirements and tests management.
  • General knowledge of National Instruments’ LabVIEW graphical industry software.
  • Agile software development and lean hardware based also on SCRUM principles
  • Always constantly learning and willing to learn additionally exciting things in other areas…




Here are just some examples of some more or less complex solutions, while applying our strengths to real/difficult situations:

  • TESTER AT1: automotive testing product produced inside KulzerTEC, completely from the first idea, design, software development, hardware development, prototype construction, testing and production.
  • Firmware Optimization: squeezing the code size from about 3.200 Byte to about 1.900 Byte without losing any functionality, to fit inside a 2KB RAM for an ASIC containing a legacy 8bit MC6805 micro-controller with limited hardware.
  • Hardware-Near Software Development: the “TESTER AT1” needed all kinds of firmware pieces to be programmed to harness its various hardware components, such as USB, JTAG, power outputs/inputs, LCD display, keyboard, EEPROM memories, circuits/inputs/outputs switching options and even Lambda measurement/simulation circuitry with the CJ125.
  • Time-Critical Software Details: measurement of 1000 samples @100Ksamples/s from an analog sensor input, while simultaneously storing the minimum/maximum/average value with a MSP430 @8MHz without losing one single sample.
  • Complex Bug-Searching: the search for a very strange bug related to one engine misfire on each 2 hours of motorsport racing, got to a successful end after one full workweek, pointing to a misbehaving interrupt out of 64 possible sources.
  • Software Porting: porting of an original code inside an MSP430 into a legacy 8bit MC6805 and OKI micro-controllers, including all the needed driver firmware changes and adaptations due to the different target hardware circuitry.
  • Hardware Porting: the complex ECU2010 project, where the first prototyping hardware structure was fully implemented with MSP430 micro-controllers, which had to be ported to an FPGA platform, maintaining the structure and mechanisms.
  • Code Embellishment: complete overhaul of all the software modules of the first MS4.x Bosch Motosport ECU firmware, to create the newer “MS4 Sport”, greatly enhancing the general visual and functional aspects of the complete package.
  • Machine-Level Programming: various low-level functionality for the MSP430, such as ultra-fast binary division algorithms, ultra-fast @100Ksamples/s limiting and averaging, as well as ultra-fast engine-speed simulation output drivers.
  • New Micro-Controllers: harnessing the power, capabilities and early-die hardware bugs of the newest Texas Instruments C2000 micro-controller, by designing, developing and testing a new prototyping platform firmware.
  • New Ideas and Needs: since no commercial source-management software was being able to cope with the very specific and complex management needs of the MS4.x Motorsport ECU software, a new tool was developed from scratch, which is being used for almost 10 years now.
  • Chip characterisation: complete or partial characterisation of a chip’s behaviour, including datasheet production, limit-testing and even test-destruction, for sensing chips and switched power-supply chips
  • Extreme uC Limit-Programming: making an MSP430 only @10MHz to make up to 30.000RPM engine-speed “60-2” teeth crank-wheel simulation, with 8 simultaneous outputs with total configuration flexibility down to 1° of resolution and 0,08% RPM resolution @10.000RPM, by exploiting all potential hardware features (DMA, interrupts) and software optimizations.
  • Innovative/Revolutionary Solutions: design and development of a new Lambda-sensor simulation circuit with patentable analog opamp circuitry and firmware drivers to accurately simulate a wide range of Lambda and internal resistance values, therefore allowing the user to simulate Lambda values with ranges and precision never before even by far attained.
  • VBA-Driven Microsoft Office Management Tools: design, development and maintenance of various VBA tools mainly for Excel with a total of over 16.000 lines-of-code, including graphical data treatment and complex management algorithms


Some of the technical measurement and analysis equipment we regularly use at our premises, applied to the previous areas:
– Digital storage oscilloscopes up to 2GHz / 10Gsps (e.g. MSO5402) with both single-ended and differential 1GHz  probes
– Digital arbitrary signal generators up to 50MHz
– Network/S-parameters analysers
– 4-quadrant power supplies/sinks
– Digital desk multimeters
– Micro-wave soldering/unsoldering/rework stations (auch Heißluft)



We are a “ALL-IN-ONE” highly synergetic services/consulting/development team, in that we are able to navigate from the lowest hardware, passing through firmware, ranging up to the desktop software levels, therefore connecting all the dots for embedded products, even down to production. So, if you need embedded software plus the corresponding hardware and the corresponding desktop GUI software, eventually even desktop test-software and organizing/managing tools in Microsoft Office with full VBA enhancements, you are at the right place! We are analysis and integration specialists, while also displaying a very high level of synergy in that problems are very often attacked in parallel with highly cooperative working processes! Do you have some “dirty work” to do and nobody wants to do it anymore? Then we are also the indicated executors, since meanwhile our work pick-up and stamina capacities are recognized by our customers. We are used to multi-locational and multi-cultural individual and team work. We are your ideal partner for your “Nearshoring” / “Near-shore Development” needs.


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