The “ECU2010″ project (previously called “Revolutionary Motorsports”) was made in consortium with Bosch Motorsport and the University of Aveiro. This project called for additions to the company’s personell, with 6 fresh-made Engineers directly from this same university. Together, these 6 Engineers, together with Pedro Kulzer as the head of the project, created some highly innovative pieces of software and hardware that largely surpassed some state-of-the-art technology in general, by literally reinventing the manner in how programming automotive ECUs was done. This project made its technological developments and progress directly inside the campus of the University of Aveiro, in the Departamento de Electrónica, Telecomunicações e Informática – Sala 234 – Campus Universitário de Santiago – Aveiro – Portugal. This allowed us to keep contact with the latest technology advances. This project progressed and finished late 2009 with full success. The final show-down was made at Bosch Motorsport’s facilities in Germany. The most prominent technological feature that emerged from this long but rewarding period of highly innovative work was the Live-Prototyping programming possibility of being able to program a 100% fully running system (including running engine) by modifying or adding anything anywhere in the system without ever disrupting it. Pedro Kulzer is currently finishing his PhD 100% based on the work done in this project during the active 3 years, having started it back in 2009.

ECU2010 Team


This “ECU2010″ project can be seen on the old pages of KulzerTEC, here. There, you can also view some videos of the real engine operating under the newly developed electronics and software, as well as also especially reacting to the highly flexible and innovative “LIVE-PROTOTYPING” feature, which is the heart of the whole project’s purpose.




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